The Big Problem With Conference Calls

Anyone who’s ever participated in a conference call knows one of the biggest problems associated with them. You don’t know exactly who has joined, and the person joining doesn’t know who is already there.

bfA clumsy way around that is to constantly do a roll call, or make the new person announce their arrival.

Another problem arises when multiple people are speaking at once. A problem with no good solution… Continue reading The Big Problem With Conference Calls

Easily Convert Video Formats

Anytime you transfer video from cameras or recorders to pc’s, or from pc’s to portable viewing devices such as ipod’s, portable dvd players, phones, etc., the need may arise to convert formats.

One new software program for Mac’s that handles the task quite well is ‘Total Video Converter’ by WaveSight.

Total Video Converter provides high speed, high quality video conversion for all popular video formats (AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, 3GP, RM, MOV, and more.) and portable devices such as iPod®, iPhone®, Microsoft® Zune®, PSP, MP4 players & smart-phones. Total Video Converter also lets you crop, and add various effects to your videos.

In Action:

After a one-click download and quick install, the software Continue reading Easily Convert Video Formats

Podio And Social Collaboration

Citrix, producers of the popular GoToMeeting conferencing product, has expanded its reach into the growing social collaboration space. Following its acquisition of Podio, they have added many of the most-used GoToMeeting features to the Podio service.

Podio is a cloud based product which enables team collaboration, workspace creation, and workflow management. Podio users can take advantage of hundreds of apps that can be used to control workflow progression and the sharing of documents.

You can check out all the features of Podio in a small team environment for free. Expanding the service to your entire company is available for the price of $8 per employee, per month. Find out more details at the Podio website at

A/V Remote Control For Webinars

micManaging the microphones and webcams of different participants in a webinar or webcast can be tricky at times. Fumbling around with unfamiliar controls, or having to ask other people for assistance can greatly diminish the flow the presentation. OmNovia, a global leader in webinar technology has introduced its AV remote to which strives to eliminate “the complexity in real-time audio/video management”.

You can find a short video which effectively demonstrates how this feature works here.

Using Video Clips in Web Conferences

Do you use video clips in your presentations? A video clip is a useful tool which can be used to create more helpful training sessions, sales demonstrations, and webinars. A video clip helps demonstrate your product, concept, or provide examples in a much more memorable and relevant manner than just the spoken word could.

Used during a live webinar, a video clip can be replayed as often as necessary, and is often invaluable for answering questions, and providing those answers in ways that only a visual example could.

Many of the well known web conferencing providers include this capability in their product, for example: GoToMeeting, ReadyTalk, and HearMe, conferencing suppliers are among them.

Factors Behind Increased Use Of Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing has been around almost since the birth of the internet, and its usage has steadily grown year after year. In the recent past, Web Conferencing has become mainstream and its use is up dramatically. Here are some factors behind the recent growth in the popularity of Web Conferencing:

Increased Fuel Costs: Higher fuel costs mean airline tickets become more expensive, along with with the cost of ground transportation. Web Conferencing fees remain low and steady (or go down).

Increased Travel Stress: Air travel is more stressful than ever. Security concerns, Continue reading Factors Behind Increased Use Of Web Conferencing

AnyMeeting No Hassle Meetings, (formerly Freebinar) makes it simple to try their free web-conferencing service with a new feature named “AnyMeeting Now”. This lets people instantly begin a free web conference session, even without creating an account. Free conferencing is supported by paid advertising, but there is a premium paid option which is ad-free. The service is also integrated with Google Apps, which makes it all the easier to set up a meeting.

What Makes A Good Presentation?

A good presentation will have three vital characteristics:

1.  A presenter – or trainer – who is comfortable and able to be himself/herself.

2.  A presenter who knows and understands his audience. There are two main reasons for this requirement. Firstly, it will not be possible either to plan the necessary materials or to deliver the course at the right level if you are not fully aware of your audience’s aptitudes. Secondly, it is vital that you understand your audience’s motivations. Are they there because they do not have a choice or because they want to be? Do they really want to Continue reading What Makes A Good Presentation?

Planning an Exercise as Part of a Training Event

Training exercises usually involve grouping several attendees – perhaps four or more depending upon the total number of people attending, so that they have to work as a team. This type of exercise can deliver valuable benefits such as team-building and problem-solving skills in addition to the feedback opportunities provided. When your trainees are called upon to deliver the results of the exercises, you will be able to see whether they have become competent at using their newly acquired knowledge in simulated business situations.

A Problem Solving Situation
When you are planning an exercise as part of a training event, you will need to devise situations, presented like a story with plenty of information to accompany them, that the groups can discuss and work on, to come up with a solution to the problem that the situation poses. An example of this type of case study could be a warehouse or other factory department that needs reorganizing. The notes for the exercise should then include, for example, data on the quantities and sizes of the products to be stored, the product movement, number of staff and costs involved.

Problems should be Continue reading Planning an Exercise as Part of a Training Event

Click Meeting Discount

Have you heard about Clickmeeting? ClickMeeting provides a cost-effective, visual/audio alternative to other online conferencing products. Simple to set up and use from any web browser or platform, ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar enable businesses to enter new markets & close more deals – virtually. Users can provide video demos or presentations, or chat using up to four streams – all the while cutting out the cost of physical travel. Teams collaborate by Continue reading Click Meeting Discount