How to Convert Video and Audio from One Format to Another

I bet most of you have had the need to convert a video or audio file from one format to another, either because your favorite software doesn’t support the first one or you needed to make the file smaller, or maybe you had another reason to.

Most of the users in this situation find out that there are very few good tools that will help them. Even paid software has some bugs, is difficult to use or somehow just doesn’t want to work as you intend it to.
I’m going to show you a secret that will solve all these problems. There is a piece of software in this world that is indispensable for the arsenal of a media lover and artist. It is a free utility called SUPER. And indeed it is super!

It allows you to convert almost any audio and video file to any other format AND specify all parameters that can be specified: size, aspect ratio, compression, sampling frequency, frame rate and anything else that is part of a video or audio composition.

I’m going to explain how to get it (it’s not as easy as it sounds) and the basics of using it.
First, to download it, head over to , scroll past the ad(s) at the top to the very bottom where you’ll see some more advertisements and a link saying “Start Downloading SUPER”. Click on it, then scroll down about 5 lines and click the “download and use” link, which is blue (in between red text). Continue reading How to Convert Video and Audio from One Format to Another