Podio And Social Collaboration

Citrix, producers of the popular GoToMeeting conferencing product, has expanded its reach into the growing social collaboration space. Following its acquisition of Podio, they have added many of the most-used GoToMeeting features to the Podio service.

Podio is a cloud based product which enables team collaboration, workspace creation, and workflow management. Podio users can take advantage of hundreds of apps that can be used to control workflow progression and the sharing of documents.

You can check out all the features of Podio in a small team environment for free. Expanding the service to your entire company is available for the price of $8 per employee, per month. Find out more details at the Podio website at podio.com.

Using Video Clips in Web Conferences

Do you use video clips in your presentations? A video clip is a useful tool which can be used to create more helpful training sessions, sales demonstrations, and webinars. A video clip helps demonstrate your product, concept, or provide examples in a much more memorable and relevant manner than just the spoken word could.

Used during a live webinar, a video clip can be replayed as often as necessary, and is often invaluable for answering questions, and providing those answers in ways that only a visual example could.

Many of the well known web conferencing providers include this capability in their product, for example: GoToMeeting, ReadyTalk, and HearMe, conferencing suppliers are among them.

Factors Behind Increased Use Of Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing has been around almost since the birth of the internet, and its usage has steadily grown year after year. In the recent past, Web Conferencing has become mainstream and its use is up dramatically. Here are some factors behind the recent growth in the popularity of Web Conferencing:

Increased Fuel Costs: Higher fuel costs mean airline tickets become more expensive, along with with the cost of ground transportation. Web Conferencing fees remain low and steady (or go down).

Increased Travel Stress: Air travel is more stressful than ever. Security concerns, Continue reading Factors Behind Increased Use Of Web Conferencing

Citrix Gotomeeting Free Trial

Nobody really likes traveling for work-meetings very much. Four hour plane rides and then more travel to get to the actual meeting. Why not streamline the meeting process with Gotomeeting? With only one click, Gotomeeting lets you conduct online meetings from anywhere. Hold unlimited online meetings including integrated phone and VOIP conferencing. It’s easy to Continue reading Citrix Gotomeeting Free Trial

Simultaneous Interpretation and Web Conferencing

Even though English is sometimes thought of as the ‘universal business language’, it really isn’t. Fact is, most of the world doesn’t speak English. And the United States is not really known as a country with a multilingual and culturally aware population. This can make communication a problem.

Whether communication takes part in person, over the phone, or in an web conference, It’s essential for modern businesses that want to compete globally to understand the need to be able to communicate effectively with their overseas business partners and customers. But a bad translator or interpreter can be worse than no translator or interpreter!

Translator or Interpreter?

Translation generally means taking a completed text or speech and painstakingly translating it into the target language. The document must be absolutely clear and as close to the original meaning as possible. Especially since there can sometimes be legal ramifications to using a bad translation.

Interpreting, on the other hand, is much more of a real-time process. In a live setting, the words and thoughts of the speaker need to be understandable to another person or persons who do not speak the language. Interpreting can be one-way or two-way. Continue reading Simultaneous Interpretation and Web Conferencing

Creative Uses For Web Conferencing

The technology behind web conferencing makes it a powerful tool which can be used in a variety of different ways, beyond a simple online meeting. Here are just a few examples.

Promote your Latest Creative Endeavor.

Want to promote your latest film or video? Why not invite a select group of people to view a sneak-peek preview of it. Authors can schedule an online book tour, taking questions from the audience. Musicians or bands can preview their latest albums for their biggest fans.

Online Focus Groups.

Participants can attend online marketing research groups online where they will be asked to view products, advertising, or other media and be asked to give their opinions. Online polls and surveys are valuable tools for this type of meeting.

Hiring New Employees.

Web conferencing can be a valuable tool for interviewing people since prospective employees from around the world can be interviewed. HR departments can also use conferencing to interview present employees.

Attend Remote Events.

Events in remote locations can be witnessed live using web conferencing. Parents can view their daughters graduation or wedding even when unable to physically travel, for example. Almost any family or business function can be viewed remotely. Continue reading Creative Uses For Web Conferencing

How Can I Add Video Conferencing To My WordPress Blog?

Have you ever wondered if there was a simple way to add real-time video chat or discussion to your website or blog? Well what was difficult or impossible in the past is easy today!

With Open-Tok, brought to you by tokbox.com you can host live video discussions of up to 10 people or or video chat for up to 20 people. Best of all, it’s free and simple to install. In fact there is a plugin available on the site. Drupal users shouldn’t feel left out, as there is a free plugin available for them too. Find more information at tokbox.com.

Main Reasons Why You Should Switch to Online Meetings

Denise, a public relations executive, just got back from a stay one of Hawaii’s popular resorts. This is the 3rd day of her much-awaited and delayed vacation. The problem is, she has to make an emergency communication plan to a client based in Los Angeles.

Glen, the Marketing and Sales Manager of a diversified firm using sales agents all over the globe, needs to conduct a sales and marketing briefing for the staff. Problem is, it’s too expensive to send everybody to the main office in France for a meeting.

Denise and Glen are only two of the thousands of people who have a similar dilemma; how to be at several places all at one time. Imagine how easy life can be for Denise, if she can complete her vacation and still make the presentation to her client. Or for Glen, if he can conduct the sales and marketing briefing for all his staff at one time, without overspending for travel expenses. Continue reading Main Reasons Why You Should Switch to Online Meetings

Basecamp—Web-based Project Management at Its Best

Popular and Respected

In the world of business where life is on a deadline and competition is fierce, planning, organizing, and executing projects in an efficient, cost-effective manner is critical. Most businesses have their own approach to project management, whether it’s the traditional, hands-on methodology or whether some form of software is used to streamline the implementation of the project. There are many applications on the market for use in optimizing workflow and project management, but one of the most popular and respected project collaboration tools online is Basecamp by 37Signals.

Get Started Optimizing

Basecamp offers Continue reading Basecamp—Web-based Project Management at Its Best

Quick Comparison of Webconference/Webinar Providers

Here’s a snapshot comparison of various web-conferencing solutions.

pricepricepriceprice Over $100/month

webex Event Center
Free Trial?: Yes
Price: Request quote.
Recording: Yes, audio/video using flash or windows media file.
Features: Unlimited meetings up to 3000 ppl. Automated email management, streaming audio/video, powerpoint presentations, share documents, applications and more.
Support: Free training, online user guide, free 24/7 phone support.

pricepriceprice $50-$100/month

gotowebinar recommended
Free Trial?: Yes (30 days)
Price: $99/month Save 20% on yearly purchase.
Recording: Video, Audio Recording.
Features: Unlimited webinars up to 1000 people. All the features of gotomeeting plus tracking of registrations, polling, surveys and more.
Support: Online support and 24/7 phone technical assistance.

webex Meeting Center
Free Trial?: Yes (14 days)
Price: $75/month per host. Also available as pay-per-use.
Recording: Yes
Features: Unlimited meetings up to 15 ppl. File transfer, text chat, share documents and more.
Support: Online user guide, free 24/7 phone support.


gotomeeting recommended

Free Trial?: Yes (30 days)
Price: $49/month Save 20% on yearly purchase.
Recording: Video, Audio recording.
Features: Unlimited conferences up to 15 ppl. Desktop sharing, white-boards, text chat, and more.
Support: Online and phone customer care. Unlimited software and service upgrades.

webex MeetMeNow
Free Trial?: Yes (14 days)
Price: $49/month Save 20% on yearly purchase.
Recording: NO
Features: Unlimited conferences up to 10 ppl. Private chat and more.
Support: Unlimited instructor led and self-paced training. Online ‘help’ section.

price Free to $20/month

Free Trial?: Yes (15 days)
Price: $19.95/month – $695/month
Recording: Yes, video and voice.
Features: WebCam based. Multi-Party Video Conferencing, text messaging, unlimited PC-to-PC calling, and more.
Support: Live video or phone support 6am-6pm. Online knowledge base.

Free Trial?: Yes
Price: Ranges from $0 (ad supported) up to $19.95/month.
Recording: No
Features: Unlimited meetings up to 45 ppl. No special software required, desktop sharing, white-boards and more.
Support: Online user guide.