Making a Business out of Conference Organizing

Small to medium-sized businesses, while not in the same league as corporate businesses, still need to hold conferences of one sort or another.

Your business offers to organise the event. You recommend the most suitable venue and organize transport, maps and accommodation, if necessary. You handle the conference literature, including any invitations. You also find out what specific facilities are needed at the venue and organize them: refreshments, facilities for disabled people, writing equipment, audio-visual aids, video-recording facilities, display boards, to name a few. You have to be Continue reading Making a Business out of Conference Organizing

Choose the Web Conferencing Features you Need the Most.

These days, almost no business can survive without having access to communication that is dependable and easy to use. Web conferencing allows companies to make use of the newest technologies to reduce costs and improve profits. Any businesses looking for a web conferencing solution should scrutinize all the available applications, and review their features and specifications. This way, businesses can determine which product is best suited to their needs. Continue reading Choose the Web Conferencing Features you Need the Most.

How Web Conferencing Can Improve Your Business

Commerce conducted on the web is now more than a 2 Billion dollar segment of the business landscape worldwide. But simply slapping up a e-commerce website alone won’t make much of an impact. In order to fully realize the potential of your online endeavour, it’s important to take advantage of the modern online communication tools which are available.

Web and video conferencing are two of those tools which might help grow your business. Web conferencing facilitates meeting and collaboration online. Features provided by web conferencing let participants share information or show presentations using documents, slide presentations, and spreadsheets.
Some web conferencing software allows for participants to control a different computer, making collaborations more effective. Video conferences become a better alternative to traditional phone-calls since the participants not only hear each other, but can also interact face to face.

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using web conferencing products for their business, compared with having to hold physical meetings with employees, clients, customers, & prospects. Agents and salesmen who have to do presentations and sales or product demonstrations had to travel from one destination to another in the past. Using web conferencing, there is no longer any need for air travel and finding lodging. Obviously this saves both time and expense, since airfare and hotels can get quite expensive.

Online meetings or webinars will also save the trouble of bringing product demonstrations back and forth. Some of these products may even incur large freight charges. Instead, just by clicking a mouse, a client can easily inspect your product. Web conferencing applications can also expand your market, since businesses can reach areas of the world which were too expensive to send sales people to in the past.

Holding training sessions can become more convenient for both you and your employees using web conferencing. Let your staff train and attend virtual seminars as their time and schedule permit. Online support is also an advantage with audio and video conferencing. A simple e-mail may not always be enough to close a deal or provide support to a client. Live chat can be a helpful tool, but a video conference can be even more effective, especially for complex issues.

Web Conferencing is here to stay as a way of promoting efficiency, saving time, and saving money for smart businesses.