How To Make The Most of Your Virtual Meeting

Global businesses can not always afford to send delegates to meet in person. The business needs require meetings between offices on national and global levels, but the costs involved in transporting staff members to attend meetings all over the world can be prohibitive. Videoconferencing solves this problem, and for little more than the cost of the internet system the business already has on line, is a cheap and cost effective way of resolving national or global issues.

However, many managers fail to make the most of this technology and some virtual meetings become a waste of time for the participants. To avoid this, there are some basic rules to follow when using videoconference technology. Continue reading How To Make The Most of Your Virtual Meeting

How Does Web Conferencing Work?

How Does Web Conferencing Work?

Web conferencing lets two or more participants engage in a virtual meeting via the internet. These participants can be located within the same office or building or even on the opposite side of the world, getting together to discuss, exchange and share ideas & resources. Quality web conferencing software contains a variety of features including data and audio transfer, among other things.

Some of the tools and features that you may be able to make use of during a web meeting include: Continue reading How Does Web Conferencing Work?

Your 1st WebConference: How To Make it a Success

Here are some basics to help you manage a successful web conference or webinar:

Before the conference:

1. Preparing your agenda before starting the meeting ensures a smooth flow to the conference. Outline the important topics carefully. Have a list of questions and answers handy.

2. In most cases, meetings should not exceed around 2 hours. Long conferences will tend to create boredom, restlessness, and a reduction in effectivness.

3. Line up all the products, visual aids, and other demonstrations you will need. Coordinate with others if need be. Continue reading Your 1st WebConference: How To Make it a Success