Easily Convert Video Formats

Anytime you transfer video from cameras or recorders to pc’s, or from pc’s to portable viewing devices such as ipod’s, portable dvd players, phones, etc., the need may arise to convert formats.

One new software program for Mac’s that handles the task quite well is ‘Total Video Converter’ by WaveSight.

Total Video Converter provides high speed, high quality video conversion for all popular video formats (AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, 3GP, RM, MOV, and more.) and portable devices such as iPod®, iPhone®, Microsoft® Zune®, PSP, MP4 players & smart-phones. Total Video Converter also lets you crop, and add various effects to your videos.

In Action:

After a one-click download and quick install, the software Continue reading Easily Convert Video Formats

Video Convertor For Ipad

It seems like almost everyone has an iPad these days. And if you don’t, you probably know someone who does. The iPad works just fine to play many types of videos, but it can’t if the video isn’t in the proper format.

Maybe you have some archived videos of seminars, meetings, demonstrations, or other business related videos you would like to view on iPad. Or any other type of video file or movie. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to view videos using non-iPad formats on your iPad?

Here are a couple of Continue reading Video Convertor For Ipad

Businesses that Benefit from Video Conferencing

Video conferencing services are rapidly becoming one of the most popular business communication and meeting tools on the market. More and more business entities are realizing the benefit to using a video conferencing system as a standard part of company operations. Whether it’s performed on an individual basis, such as desktop video conferencing, or if it’s a larger form of internet video conferencing, corporations are seeing the concept of company meetings be more convenient and employees be more productive. As a result video conferencing makes companies more profitable.

An online search will help you find video conferencing equipment and software, as well as video conferencing services both quickly and easily. The ability to hold meetings between employees based in numerous locations is the key feature that has made this so convenient and cost-effective. Now you can conduct interviews, hold meetings and seminars, and give business lectures with the ease of clicking your mouse. The only way that video conferencing can be limited is by your own imagination.

People who work from home and telecommute from their home office are using the concept as well. Overall, it makes an amazing difference in the cost of doing business and bringing people together. It is also beneficial in that it eliminates most travel expenses incurred when on the road, so wasting valuable time commuting to company meetings is no longer an issue. Simply switch on your webcam and your right in the conference. Video conferencing also makes globalization a reality as people worldwide can attend meetings with no inconvenience involved. The world is easily accessible with this innovative technology. Continue reading Businesses that Benefit from Video Conferencing

How to Convert Video and Audio from One Format to Another

I bet most of you have had the need to convert a video or audio file from one format to another, either because your favorite software doesn’t support the first one or you needed to make the file smaller, or maybe you had another reason to.

Most of the users in this situation find out that there are very few good tools that will help them. Even paid software has some bugs, is difficult to use or somehow just doesn’t want to work as you intend it to.
I’m going to show you a secret that will solve all these problems. There is a piece of software in this world that is indispensable for the arsenal of a media lover and artist. It is a free utility called SUPER. And indeed it is super!

It allows you to convert almost any audio and video file to any other format AND specify all parameters that can be specified: size, aspect ratio, compression, sampling frequency, frame rate and anything else that is part of a video or audio composition.

I’m going to explain how to get it (it’s not as easy as it sounds) and the basics of using it.
First, to download it, head over to http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html , scroll past the ad(s) at the top to the very bottom where you’ll see some more advertisements and a link saying “Start Downloading SUPER”. Click on it, then scroll down about 5 lines and click the “download and use” link, which is blue (in between red text). Continue reading How to Convert Video and Audio from One Format to Another

Benefits of Video Conferencing in the 21’st Century

In recent times video conferencing has replaced the conference call and other types of meetings in many instances. Video conferencing has made it possible for people to accomplish many different business (and even personal) tasks. Video conferencing allows individuals the ability to share information and visuals like charts and graphs. Continue reading Benefits of Video Conferencing in the 21’st Century

A Perfect Marketing Plan Using System Video Conferencing

So you’ve gotten your business going! You have a customer or two. The phone is ringing…a little. For any business to grow and prosper long-term, it needs a solid foundation that includes a marketing plan. The perfect marketing plan is System video conferencing. With system business conferencing you can make the ultimate plan for marketing your business.

A marketing plan is a road map detailing the “route” you’ll take to get your business noticed by potential clients. By following a Continue reading A Perfect Marketing Plan Using System Video Conferencing

Important features to look for in Webinar Software.

Valuable Web Conferencing Features

The type and size of your online event determines the necessary capabilities of your web conferencing software. If you are giving a training seminar for a handful of employees, obviously you need a less robust solution than if you are conducting a multimedia presentation for hundreds of attendees.

Here are some features commonly included in Webinar Software.

Email Reminders: This feature lets you send emails reminding participants of upcoming meetings, track responses, and also attendance and details from follow ups after the event.

Flash Demos: These are useful as a teaching tool or tutorial. They can be used to showcase the important parts of previous webinars.

Surveys and Polls: Surveys and polls provide useful feedback from previous webinars. Use them during your webinar to steer it in the right direction according to the responses and needs of your audience.

Adequate Bandwidth: Bandwidth is usually tied to the maximum number of participants. The type of webinar you are giving figures into the bandwidth equation too. Basic PowerPoint presentations require less than live video or webinars using flash animations.

Ability to Record and Playback: This is an important feature for most businesses. Non-Attendees will be able to view the webinar at a later date. Also, keeping a record of the meeting is useful for research and archiving purposes. Look for the ability to save meetings in a standard format, such as Windows media files or .wmv.

Conference Calling and Web Surfing: When enabled, these features can improve communication between the presenter and the audience.

Annotation Tools: Tools such as a highlighter and pointer help to give your presentation a professional look and feel.

How Web Conferencing Can Improve Your Business

Commerce conducted on the web is now more than a 2 Billion dollar segment of the business landscape worldwide. But simply slapping up a e-commerce website alone won’t make much of an impact. In order to fully realize the potential of your online endeavour, it’s important to take advantage of the modern online communication tools which are available.

Web and video conferencing are two of those tools which might help grow your business. Web conferencing facilitates meeting and collaboration online. Features provided by web conferencing let participants share information or show presentations using documents, slide presentations, and spreadsheets.
Some web conferencing software allows for participants to control a different computer, making collaborations more effective. Video conferences become a better alternative to traditional phone-calls since the participants not only hear each other, but can also interact face to face.

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using web conferencing products for their business, compared with having to hold physical meetings with employees, clients, customers, & prospects. Agents and salesmen who have to do presentations and sales or product demonstrations had to travel from one destination to another in the past. Using web conferencing, there is no longer any need for air travel and finding lodging. Obviously this saves both time and expense, since airfare and hotels can get quite expensive.

Online meetings or webinars will also save the trouble of bringing product demonstrations back and forth. Some of these products may even incur large freight charges. Instead, just by clicking a mouse, a client can easily inspect your product. Web conferencing applications can also expand your market, since businesses can reach areas of the world which were too expensive to send sales people to in the past.

Holding training sessions can become more convenient for both you and your employees using web conferencing. Let your staff train and attend virtual seminars as their time and schedule permit. Online support is also an advantage with audio and video conferencing. A simple e-mail may not always be enough to close a deal or provide support to a client. Live chat can be a helpful tool, but a video conference can be even more effective, especially for complex issues.

Web Conferencing is here to stay as a way of promoting efficiency, saving time, and saving money for smart businesses.