Webex vs. GoToMeeting

Web conferencing is quickly becoming the preferred method in business communication.  With benefits such as increased productivity and an extended customer outreach, companies are able to compete economically using inexpensive online meeting tools.  As a cost effective alternative to travel, small businesses may especially benefit from this new technology. The most difficult part is finding the service that best fits your company.
Two applications appear especially promising – Cisco’s WebEx and Citrix Online’s Go To Meeting. Continue reading Webex vs. GoToMeeting

Which Web Conferencing Service is Right for You?

With the price of gas, airline tickets and other travel related items on the rise, more and more companies are looking for cost effective alternatives to sending their people around the country to attend meetings. For many smart companies, the answer is a web conference, and there are many advantages to having employees meet one another from the comfort of their own offices. Some of the many benefits Continue reading Which Web Conferencing Service is Right for You?